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Do Export and Become Millionaire
Specialization In Export and Import Business.
Get ready to boost up your career to the next level with Megha Nath. In this Accelerator you will learn everything about export procedures in which you will get Excellent growth in Export business or Job and take it on new heights….

This course will help you to increase your Export potential professionally in your own business or top management Export expert job.

This course is taught by Ms. Megha Nath and his significant professional team with real world experience. Team Megha is working in many countries as well as in the venture capital, angel investors, European university professors and as a business consulting experts..

Many of business concepts may give you general knowledge but This course will focus on business concepts which you need to know that are beyond general knowledge. This Accelerators will make Export procedure very easy to understand and apply in realistic situations with practical training.

This Course is designed by Ms. Megha Nath, who is a successful Businessman, Author, Investor and a Global Business Mentor/Coach who is having experience of more than 15 years. He helps to his clients by making easy to understand intricate business issue and inspire to apply new idea and concept in present economical environment. He is most renowned for teaching international business and has introduced many companies in international market and he has written 8 Bestselling business Books and 10 Business Growth Programs.

All contents of this course are all based on vast work experience of Ms. Megha Nath and his team Experts.

Get Certificate of Export Accelerator and Get your Dream job in Top management in National or Multinational Companies as Export Manager/ Expert/ Merchandiser.

You can start your own Import/ Export Business and through this Certificate Get more clients Globally or work freelance service provider as a Export Expert.

International trading is one of the top industries of current era. But it is not a new concept. It is most rewarding if done in correct procedure.
In this training program you will get the complete path you should follow to start your Export-Import business and take it to New heights.

What you get:

10 Days online course provide by our experts from different sectors like professionals, Economists, Professors, Sales Experts, Advertising experts, CEO and many more..

Detailed discussion on growth module and action plan, for implementing discussed ideas.
Turn your Export process into a result.
Learn how to win the war of business.
Prepare your advertising to give a result in export orders.
Simple easy Export training.
Learn how to create to system which will bring endless potential leads.
Boost your sales team morale with new motivation leading to success.
Improve your conversion ratio by our unique prospecting approaching methods.
How you can convert meeting into productive meetings
Know how to recognize and generate buying signals.
Learn how you can grab attention of potential customers and nurture them till they become paid customers.
How to use AIDA technique: Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. Guiding customers through entire buyer journey map.
How you can go beyond selling a product and create an experience.
How you can close deals using consumer behavior psychology.
How you can create a strong brand identity, customer can recognize.
How to plan content marketing strategy increasing customer faith in your brand.
How you can convert complaining customers into happy customer who buys.

Topics covered :

Introduction to Export-Import
Introduction to International Trade
Finding market and Product selection
Product planning for Import-Export
Export Documentation and procedures
Government Incentives & Initiatives
Risk Management & Payment Terms

Megha Nath Consultancy is a No.1 Business Training Platform in India, for SMEs(small and medium sized companies) who wish to expand their sales and revenue by taking advantage of available international markets more efficiently.

Bullet points of this training:

We make you a Dreamer who can achieve any goals in life and business.
Expend your business from small stage to international Market.
You don’t need too much money you only need a idea.
The Great ideas that can help in your fast growth.
It teach you how to solve real problems and what is real problem in your business and leadership.

What you can expect from this training:

Learn how to plan export model.
Increase your knowledge of export.
How to choose countries for your product.
Global market entry training.
Learn Expert international marketing plan.
Learn how to build big network.
Learn how to get more clients.
learn how to get entry in chambers of Europe
learn how to manage quantity and quality management accouding to European Export Standards.
Learn how many certification and special conditions you need to clear for a export lead from a overseas buyer.
Practical training and learning with team of International Experts
Our multiple staff member on Standby to help you with whatever issue you have upto 6 months
You can spend years collecting all the necessary Skills and Knowledge alone or Get everything in one place within 15 days.

Purchase Benefits :

”You are not buying consulting OR coaching
You are buying your success.”
@ Megha Nath.

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What others say
about us

We help our clients create Successful business, happiness and success through business and International business coaching.

What others say about us

We help our clients create Successful business, happiness and success through business and International business coaching.

Mr. Opesh and Ms. Megha are true professionals, with their knowledge about the market and network they guide from the beginning of the project in planning the products and the appropriate market for it. They are doing fabulous work by hand holding new entrants into African market.

Mr Balaji Rajagopalan


Mr. Opesh Singh is the best mentor and business coach because of his help I started my overseas company in Ivory coast ( West Africa). With the support of Opesh Singh, we are running our company Cost overseas sarl in mining ⛏️ & export sector successfully. I recommend to everyone take his services and become local to global.

Mr Ankur Pathak


Opesh Singh Business coaching focuses on effective ways to communicate your values. He taught me Marketing and Branding tactics through his training program which helped me in  running my Restaurant well.

Mr Digvijay Rajawat


Highly recommended. Highly motivated program. He is always there for you to help. If you want to join in international business then Opesh sir is the best person to help you & guide you.

Mr Sayed Qadeer

Everyone deserves a
successful business!

My mission has been to make successful business coaching affordable and available to anyone who strives to live their ideal life.

Everyone deserves a successful business!

My mission has been to make successful business coaching affordable and available to anyone who strives to live their ideal life.